What is Co-Diagnosis?

What is an Oral Cancer Exam?

Full Series Digital X-Ray Procedure

Diagnosing Baby Teeth

Diagnosing Oral Habits

Diagnosing Notched Teeth

Diagnosing a Cavity

Diagnosing a Cracked Tooth

Diagnosing Mild Gum Disease

Diagnosing Severe Gum Disease

Diagnosing Root Canal Therapy

Diagnosing Dry Socket

Diagnosing Wisdom Teeth

Diagnosing Denture Problems

Diagnosing Grinding Teeth

What is Cracked Tooth Syndrome?


Why Premedicate?

Homecare and Brushing

Homecare and Flossing

Professional Care and Sealants

Office Information:

Office Information about Insurance

Office Information about Infection Control

Office Information about Payment Options

For the Kids:

Kirby Chapter 03 - Brushing

Kirby Chapter 05 - Dental Visit

Periodontal Factors:

Smoking and Perio

Cardio Health and Perio

Diabetes and Perio


Why Do Teeth Decay?

Amalgam Filling Procedure

Cosmetic Treatments:



White Fillings

Home Whitening

Crowns and Fixed Bridges:

Porcelain Crown Procedure

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crown Procedure

Post & Core Procedure

Core Buildup Procedure

3-Unit Bridge Procedure


Why a Single Implant?

Single Implant Procedure

Implant Bridge Procedure

Why Implants for Fully Edentulous Patients?

Why Implants for Partially Edentulous Patients?

Root Canals:

Single Visit RCT Procedure

Why a Root Canal After a Crown?

Removable Dentures and Partials:

Full Denture Procedure

Partial Denture Procedure

Adjust and Reline Dentures


Single Tooth Extraction Procedure

Temporal Mandibular Joint:

What is TMD?

Post-op Instructions:

Post-op Instructions for an Extraction

Post-op Instructions for Periodontal Surgery

Post-op instructions for Dentures

Post-op Instructions for a Permanent Crown

Post-op Instructions for a Permanent Bridge